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Peer Tutoring

Need Peer Tutoring?
If you are in need of Peer Tutoring, please email your Academic Counselors, Mrs. Melvin, [email protected] or Ms.Bustamante, [email protected]. They will then match you with a peer tutor. You may also stop by the Counseling Center to get more information.
Keep in mind:
  • All tutoring sessions will take place in the LHS Library during lunch, after school, or during Tutorial.
  • It is the student’s responsibility to attend tutoring during the scheduled date and times.
  • It is the student’s responsibility to arrange transportation to be picked up and cancel any tutoring sessions due to sports and/or activities that conflict with the tutoring time.
Want to Become a Peer Tutor?
Complete the Peer Tutor Application if you are interested in becoming a peer tutor. 
Tutors have an opportunity to earn community service hours through the peer tutoring program. The Community Service Verification Form should be completed and signed by the peer tutoring program coordinator or counselor following each tutoring session and submitted to the Main Office.